Will the COVID-19 Pandemic (Finally) Spur a Wave of Action on Men’s Health?

The COVID-19 pandemic may catalyze efforts to address the issues that have made the crisis especially deadly for men.

Implications of Physical Activity and Health Measures in Older Men

Based on the Osteoporotic Fractures in Men Study, higher physical activity is associated with an increase in functional strength and mobility in older men, as well as decreased risk of hospitalization. Evidence suggests incorporating physical activity into primary care.

Anxiety Aware

If you’re suffering from burnout and anxiety after two years of the pandemic, you’re not alone.

Virtual Reality, Real Pain Relief?

AppliedVR hopes its immersive therapeutics will help patients with chronic pain, and investors hope so too.

Urgent Care: A Fast-Growing Player

Is it past time for this growing field to become its own board-certified medical specialty?